Cindy by Shelly Keller

This post was written to inspire my Kindergarten class to try out similes in the writing of their nonfiction books and narratives. 


Cindy is my best friend. We are sisters by heart. She has brown hair like chocolate. Her hands are always as cold as ice. She is so very loving and caring. Cindy always supports me in everything I do. She is fun to be around. We have so much fun together. We could be shopping, at the movies, talking, or just hanging around not doing much of anything; but no matter what- we love being in each other’s company. Cindy likes to cook and bake. I call her my very own Betty Crocker. She is always as busy as a bee making new creations she finds. We will be the very best of friends (sisters) FOREVER! Cindy is like a gem. Cindy is the best!


3 thoughts on “Cindy by Shelly Keller

  1. rosecappelli says:

    Welcome Shelly! So glad you decided to join the group. I think your kindergarteners will be able to hear, find, and relate to the similes in your piece. Hope to read more of your writing during the month!


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