Wacky Wednesday

slice of life

Today was Mixed Up Day in celebration of Dr. Seuss week at my school. When I woke up this morning, I was thinking about what I was going to wear. Do I just wear my regular work clothes? Do I just wear my shirt inside out and participate a little? Do I go all out and be totally wacky? Well…I decided to participate in the wacky day by going all out. Everything I wore was mixed matched from shoes to earrings. Did I look ridiculous? Of course! My husband gave me a funny look and said you look “weird”. From that moment I thought to myself “Yup I am wacky enough!”

As I drove to school, I wasn’t sure I was in the mood for Mixed Up Wednesday. However, I knew I made the right decision when the students arrived this morning. As the students walked in they smiled, laughed, or just simply stared. I enjoyed seeing everyone’s expression. I also made our classroom wacky (put their name plates upside down, mixed the locations of items around the room, and turned objects upside down). The students were elated. It might have been of a crazy day, however, as I reflect on today all I can do is smile. It turned out to be such a great and fun day!


4 thoughts on “Wacky Wednesday

  1. lynnedorfman says:

    I saw your mismat hed outfit today, Shelly, and didn’t get it. I even noticed the upside-down nametags. Then it dawned on me: Wacky Wednesday! Even the kindergarteners were wearing mismatched shoes and socks. Everyone was joyful – we need more of that in school! Thanks for sharing!


  2. I loved walking through your process deciding how far to go with the theme! Sounds like a fun day and I bet your students loved it and will remember with love their fun, wacky, and brave teacher for years.


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