A New Family Member

slice of life

I remember going to pick out Ginger for the first time. Joy and excitement swept over me. I was going to pick out my very own puppy! After a very long over 2 hour drive, we finally arrived at the farm. We were greeted by Mrs. Zimmerman. She was very nice and took us into her home.

There in the middle of the living room was a small, plastic pool and inside were precious pug puppies about a month old. How were we going to pick just one? They were all so adorable. We held and played with each one to see which one we wanted to become a part of our family. It was such a difficult decision then…

All of a sudden OUR DECISION WAS MADE!!! The puppy Matt (my husband) was holding cuddled up to his neck. She was so affectionate. We immediately fell in love with her and knew she was our new family member.

ginger puppy

Ginger is now about to turn 8 years old in a month. She is so lovable and sweet! She loves to cuddle (so do we!) What a great choice we made that day!



4 thoughts on “A New Family Member

  1. Awww! Those pictures are priceless. Ginger is lucky to have such a loving family. You reminded me of the day we picked out our little Schnauzer, Jersey. She was like Ginger…a little cuddle monster. She still loves to cuddle!


  2. lynnedorfman says:

    I am a dog lover, and this piece was so enjoyable for me to read. A great addition to your family! The photos add to this writing. Your Ginger is so adorable!

    Shelly, I know you have many Ginger stories. The focus here is a “choosing a pet” story. It is so important to show students that topic and point will help you write a better story! Ginger is a huge writing territory for you. Keep those Ginger stories coming!


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