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I am a little self-conscious of running since I’m just starting out. I was telling my friend, who is a runner, about my insecurities now that the days are getting warmer, it is light longer, and  more people are outside. Questions are stirring in my head: What are they thinking? Do I look like a complete idiot? She told me that runners cheer for other runners. They are happy to see you out and running. As for the others I was doing more than they were. Well…

It was a particularly rough day of running. I passed by a man in his driveway and he looked at me and I looked at him as I’m huffing and puffing. He gave me a thumbs up, a smile, and a nod that said way to go! I have seen him run around the neighborhood. I know he is not a beginner like me.

My friend was right. Runners do cheer on other runners. I was panting and tired and sore, but I kept going. He has no idea that he helped me finish my run. His encouragement was just what I needed yesterday!!!


4 thoughts on “Encouragement

  1. lynnedorfman says:

    I so admire you, Shelly. I love Gail’s words to you – that runners cheer for other runners. And so do writers! Brava, Shelly! Your slices are wonderful, and you are more than halfway there! Thanks for your stories, poems, and inspiration!

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  2. Keep running! This is a great slice. It makes me feel optimistic. I’m not sure if all writers encourage other writers…like runners encourage runners; but I know that on Two Writing Teachers, I always feel encouraged. Keep running and writing! You’re doing great!

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