Remembering Brian

slice of life

I will always remember my cousin, Brian. He lived in Delaware with my aunt and uncle. He was tragically taken from us in August 2005. I will never forget the early morning phone call. He will always hold a special place in my heart and will never be forgotten. I think about him each day.

I will always remember all our trips to Ocean City, Maryland. You always had your boogie board under your arm.

I will always remember when we would catch frogs under the deck and around your house.

I will always remember going out to the chicken houses. My favorite was when the chickens were just born. I would hold the yellow fuzz balls in my hand. PEEP! PEEP!

I will always remember driving the go-karts around outside your house and then of course I drove it right through the bushes into the front porch. Pop-Pop had to rescue me and the go-kart.

I will always remember playing baseball outside in Nana and Pop-Pop’s backyard.

I will always remember celebrating Christmas together in Nana and Pop-Pop’s basement.

I will always remember going to watch you play in one of your baseball games. Cheering you on from the bleachers.

I will always remember how we continued to stay in touch when I went off to college thanks to AOL instant messenger.

I will always remember you sending me the pictures of your latest girlfriends or potential girlfriends.

I will always remember all of our fun times together. I will cherish our memories forever! I love you, Brian!



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