A Surprise Purchase

slice of life

Matt and I were in Kohl’s looking for new dress shirts for Matt and I was looking for some new shirts as well. As we left the Men’s department to go to the Women’s department, there staring at me from the display in the middle of the aisle I saw them.


dragonfly pjs

Dragonflies have a very special meaning to me. I have collected many dragonfly items (jewelry, home accents for outdoors and indoors, clothing) throughout the years. I looked for my size immediately without a thought of whether or not to buy them. It was like they called my name!

I didn’t find what I was looking for, but I unexpectedly got dragonfly pajama pants! Still a win for me!!!

This is the Dragonfly story if you do not know it:

dragonfly story

This story has helped me with my cousin’s death. Whenever I see a dragonfly I know he is with me . dragonfly quote


5 thoughts on “A Surprise Purchase

  1. I love dragonflies, too. For me, they are a symbol of endurance, surviving on this planet since the time of dinosaurs. Love the dragonfly story you included and your new pajama bottoms! Enjoy this day, Shelly!

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