An Incredible Bond

slice of life

Ever have that instant connection with someone? You both say “Me too!” Turns out you have so much in common and then a friendship blooms.

I always dreamed of having a sister. I have had “best friends” growing up, but never had a true bond with anyone. Even through college and my adult years (so far) I had friends, but not that one true best friend. I always wondered what it was like to have someone who you could count on no matter what. Someone to talk to about what good, bad, silly, crazy thing that happened or just something you need to get off your chest. Someone to support you always. Someone to be around not only in good times, but in bad times too. Someone who was like a sister to me.

In April 2014, I found the sister I always wanted…Cindy. Somehow I knew I could trust her. I poured my heart out to her on a particularly rough day. I shared my hardships. My story. Her reaction really touched my heart. I was taken back a bit. No one had shown me such empathy. She actually listened to me and truly was heartbroken and sad for all I had been through. She was so caring, loving, supportive, and genuine from the start. We became friends instantly.

Our friendship quickly turned into sisters at heart and became FAMILY.

family quote

Cindy came into my life at a very rough time, a time when I felt most had deserted me. Cindy amazed me daily with all her love, support, selflessness, genuineness, and loyalty. She still does.

Cindy is the sister I always wanted and she is the very best sister I could have ever imagined. She has shown me true friendship. I’m thankful for her each day. I’m very grateful she was brought into my life. I will treasure Cindy and our bond forever! She is a true angel!

cindy and I


2 thoughts on “An Incredible Bond

  1. I can’t get over how much Cayden looks like her! You have had some very rough times, and I am so happy you found both good friendship, and family, in Cindy. The picture and your words express that very clearly. Thanks for the lovely read.

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  2. Wow, Shelly! You two look like sisters! I like this piece – heartfelt but not sifficult to read. Your readers will understand that one special friend you were looking for – the sister you had always wanted. An important piece. I love the photo and also the thoughts in the blue box – so true! Thanks for a great read!

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