In-Service Day

slice of life

A poem to describe today’s staff in-service day.


A Day of In-Service

Early start.


Brainstorming ideas.

Mind spinning.

Lunch out for a brain recharge.

Mind easing.

New program implementing.

New literacy materials .

Finding space for materials.

Mind spinning.

Reviewing assessments.

Creating documents.

Adjusting lists.

Head pounding.

Day ends.



List Poems

slice of life

Poetry is in full force in our kindergarten classroom. We have been reading poetry, responding to poetry, and writing poetry. Poetry is great for all ability levels. Even the struggling writers gain confidence when writing poems.It is amazing to watch all writers bloom and love the world of poetry!

We discussed “Signs” from A Chill in the Air by John Frank. Students responded to it first in their writer’s notebook. The first example is from my writer’s notebook. My favorite time of day is to write in my writer’s notebook with my K writers!




Fall is fun to make piles of leaves to jump on.



The fall  is here. Yay. Now we can play in the leaves.

Then, we revisited “Signs” during writing workshop. Thanks to Lynne Dorfman and Rose Cappelli’s book, Poetry Mentor Texts: Making Reading and Writing Connections , K-8, I did this Your Turn Lesson with my K writers. We discussed the format of John Frank’s poem (noun, verb). Then, we brainstormed topics and choose “Spring”. We made a list of nouns and verbs relating to spring and used it to create a list poem like John Frank together.


By: K-4

Puddles splashing,

Roses blooming,

Rain dropping,

Rainbows forming,

Trees growing,

Butterflies flying,

Bunnies hopping,

Bumblebees buzzing,

I love spring!

I shared my own list poem, of course, with my students before they got to work on their own. Students wrote their own poems in their writer’s notebook and I typed them.

Here is my list poem that I wrote in my writer’s notebook:

Nature list poem

Here are some of the finished poems:

baseball list poem1

flower list poem

baseball list poem

fall list poem



Poems by Kindergarten Writers

slice of life

We wrote “Come to the…come!” poems inspired by Lynne Dorfman’s and Rose Cappelli’s book, Mentor Texts: Teaching Writing Through Children’s Literature, K-6.

I shared some examples from Mentor Texts and my own example with my Kindergarten writers.

I wrote about The Cheesecake Factory:

Come to the cheesecake factory

The next day we wrote a poem together about the Art Room (students chose topic).

The Art Room

By: K-4

Come to the Art Room…come!

See exciting unicorn pictures

Roll clay with your hands to make animals

Create fancy lily pads like Claude Monet did

Be an artist

Come to the Art Room…come!

Use sticky, slippery glue

Make necklaces out of beads and string

Use pastels to create Claude Monet bridges

Be an imagineer

Come to the Art Room…come!

Students then chose their own topics and went to town writing their  own “Come to the..come!” poems in their writer’s notebook. Afterwards, they published their work by gluing their drawing and their poem (I typed them) onto construction paper. Here are some examples:

come to the olive garden

come to the garden

come to the beach

come to barnes and noble

come to grandma's house





slice of life

Today I didn’t wake up to April showers, but to April SNOW showers! It is freezing for this time of year. Wind is blowing. Snowflakes were falling this morning. It is spring, right?!?! It’s like we are going backwards in weather!

Heavy coat

Not light jacket

Cold weather

Not warm weather


Not short sleeves

Tall Boots

Not sandals


Not dresses

Snowflakes falling

Not rain falling