Poems by Kindergarten Writers

slice of life

We wrote “Come to the…come!” poems inspired by Lynne Dorfman’s and Rose Cappelli’s book, Mentor Texts: Teaching Writing Through Children’s Literature, K-6.

I shared some examples from Mentor Texts and my own example with my Kindergarten writers.

I wrote about The Cheesecake Factory:

Come to the cheesecake factory

The next day we wrote a poem together about the Art Room (students chose topic).

The Art Room

By: K-4

Come to the Art Room…come!

See exciting unicorn pictures

Roll clay with your hands to make animals

Create fancy lily pads like Claude Monet did

Be an artist

Come to the Art Room…come!

Use sticky, slippery glue

Make necklaces out of beads and string

Use pastels to create Claude Monet bridges

Be an imagineer

Come to the Art Room…come!

Students then chose their own topics and went to town writing their  own “Come to the..come!” poems in their writer’s notebook. Afterwards, they published their work by gluing their drawing and their poem (I typed them) onto construction paper. Here are some examples:

come to the olive garden

come to the garden

come to the beach

come to barnes and noble

come to grandma's house




5 thoughts on “Poems by Kindergarten Writers

  1. Great piece, Shelly! Love yours about the Cheesecake Factory. Makes me want to go right now. I think the shared writing piece was incredibly wonderful! They were so specific. Great details – can’t wait for you to share them with the staff tomorrow!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Brava to you for bringing out the best in your kindergarden poetry writers! I love that you are already instillling a love of authentic poetry in such young souls. Keep up the good work…you and your students!

    Liked by 1 person

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