Celebration of Poetry Month

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The whole month of April we have been busily writing poetry in writing workshop in our kindergarten classroom. I am just amazed, as I am every year, what Kindergarten writers can do. Their love of poetry is so exciting. I love watching them embrace poetry on their own whether in their writer’s notebook, during writer workshop, or even at home!

We used some mentor texts and poems to help use write our poetry. Here is a list of the mentor texts:

“Song” by Amy Ludwig VanDerwater

Silver Seeds by Paul Poalilli and Dan Brewer

Dirty Laundry Pile: Poems in Different Voices by Paul B. Janeczko

I Didn’t Do It by Patricia MacLachlan and Emily Maclachlan Charest

I Like Bugs by Margaret Wise Brown

“Signs” by John Frank

They are going to compile all the poems they created into a poetry book. Their poetry books will be a part of our curriculum celebration in a few weeks at school.

I wish I could include all the poetry the students did this month. So proud of my K writers (poets)!

Beach song poem skate park song poem                                    gym song poemBruno acrostic poemcat acrostic poemtiger acrostic poem

cheetah shape poem

Cheetahs are fast. They stop for a minute. They have spots. They are yellow. They like to eat.

Earth shape poem

Don’t waste water. Don’t litter. Don’t waste trees. Don’t waste paper. Pick up paper.

horse shape poem

Horses love to run. Horses are big. Horse is brown. They live in a zoo. Horses do have tail.

HVolcano persona poemvacuum cleaner persona poemtree persona poemI love space list poemI love animals list poemI love fruit list poemsummer list poemFriends list poemHalloween list poem


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