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On a bright and sunny Thursday morning, I went outside and sat on the deck while I sipped my iced caramel coffee to escape the craziness of my life right now.

I have always found nature to be soothing and a great escape. I was alone except for the beautiful sights and sounds of nature.

There was shade over the deck making it the perfect temperature! Fresh air surrounded me. Trees danced in breeze and birds chattered to each other in conversation. As an airplane passed by, the sounds of nature were muted for a quick moment. A squirrel ran along the top of the fence pausing when it came to a post. Safe. It continued along and ran into the nearby tree.  It was such a peaceful fifteen minutes of my day!

I encourage everyone to take the time and embrace the beauty of nature!





3 thoughts on “Nature

  1. I agree, I try to walk in the park every morning…but what I like even most is when I sit on the swinging bench that is along the less walked path, and have a few minutes of quiet as I look at the creek below and sometimes have the gift of seeing some deer, beaver and squirrels. Thanks for your piece. I need to go take some time now and watch our squirrels.

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  2. Nature provides endless entertainment, if we only pause long enough to notice it. I’ve been out in the back yard many times just listening to the birds chatter. I loved the way you slowed the moment down as you relived each sound.

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