A young writer

Mikayla, a 5th grader, is like a daughter to me and continues to amaze me everyday. Her family just returned from a weekend trip to the Poconos. She wrote daily about her trip! She let me read her writing and I assumed it would be a bed-to-bed story about her trip (We did this and that and after we did this). I couldn’t have been more wrong! I smiled from ear to ear. Reading her writing was so refreshing. The enthusiasm she displayed was great to see! Never assume anything!!! We shared with the kids last night that we would all be going to Atlantic City this weekend. She already started writing about her excitement for going to the beach. I want to share some excerpts from her Poconos trip. Kids wanting to write makes my heart happy!!! Hope you enjoy it as much as I did!!!

I, of course, noticed all the great things writers do and I teach my own writers in my classroom. Onomatopoeia to begin, use of adjectives, and parentheses just to name a few! She also wrote in the notes app of her iPod! Thinking like a writer…using whatever is available. 😀

Splash! Omg I can’t believe that we’re going on a vacation (VC). We’re going on an awesome trip to the Poconos, With my mom, dad, brother, mommom, poppop, aunt, uncle, and cousin. We’re staying in a huge house with four bedrooms/and a total of six beds with a nice living room and a cool kitchen. And we’re all staying for almost 3 full days. There’s so many things we can do there too.

Omg were finally on are way to the Poconos. I’m so excited , our worries are gone, we have nothing left to worry about, we’re going to have so much fun. It takes about 2hours to get there and we’re about a half hour in/an hour and half to go. There’s a lot to look forward to. (Lots of fun!) we’re meeting every one at the house at 4:00, but before that we’re going to Bushkill Falls right when we get there, we’re going to walk/follow one of the trails and see a bunch of different waterfalls.

Yawn, oh good morning I just woke up and now I’m going to get ready for the day. Now that I’m dressed I’m going to eat some breakfast, today I’m having homemade French toast with a plum. Yum that was so good. Now that I’ve finished getting ready I guess I’ll just have to wait for what’s ahead of me today.

Hey guys! It’s sadly the day we leave the house, but… It doesn’t mean we have to leave the Poconos 🙂 So today were going to go shop after we finish packing up.( if you guys know I don’t really like shopping but this time I’m really excited!) I just heard it’s time to go so Ill see you there… Ok now that we’re here Ill tell you what stores were going to – cloths stores, shoes stores, lunch break, and Toys R Us. Well now were gonna start making are way back home, see you later.


One thought on “A young writer

  1. “Kids wanting to write makes my heart happy!!!” ~ I know just what you mean, Shelly!! Love Mikayla’s wonderful words about her trip! Her enthusiasm shines through in her writing! Love when she wrote, “Yawn, oh good morning I just woke up…” 🙂 Her wonderful account of her trip makes me want to walk the trails at Bushkill Falls and eat homemade French toast. 🙂 So cool that you posted her writing for others to experience her joy through her words! She’s awesome!


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