Wedding Fun


The last few days I have been consumed with wedding fun! My little brother got married on Saturday. It was a beautiful day!

I made the favors. It was a process and made for a very long day, but was well worth it!

From getting our nails done to decorating the hall to rehearsal to getting our hair and makeup done. All the fun festivities leading up to the big wedding day.

Here is my summary of the last few days:

Long hours
Candy making
Never Ending favors
Ladies getting pampered
Beautiful nails
Hall decorating
Orange and white all over
Lots of driving
Anxious bride and groom
The big day being practiced
Enjoying friends and family
Hair curling
Faces getting gorgeous
Huge smiles
Saying “I do”
Rice throwing
Lots of pictures
Shared laughter
Bus riding
Fantastic speeches
Sun shining
Great food
People dancing
Amazing day



One thought on “Wedding Fun

  1. What a beautiful wedding! Congrats to your brother and his wife! Great job with the favors! Everyone looks so happy. Love your account of all the fun and special events. The orange and white looks so pretty. Happy Birthday!!

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