ABC’s of Writing


I want to take time to thank TwoWritingTeachers for creating this amazing community. Slice of Life has allowed me to grow as a writer. The Slice of Life challenge is such a rewarding experience. This is my second year and I love being a part of this community of amazing slicers. I look forward to slicing daily as well as anticipating the comments I will receive. I also thoroughly enjoy reading other blogs, commenting, and connecting with other slicers. I learn so much from everyone and love experimenting with my own writing! I love the world of writing so I wrote the ABC’s of Writing for today’s slice!

Author’s chair
Colorful language
Daily writing is a must
Figurative language
Give feedback
Heart maps
Kindergarteners developing into amazing writers
Mentor texts
Quitting is not an option
Slice of Life
Thank you Two Writing Teachers for creating an amazing community for writers to share
Use your imagination
Variation in print
Writer’s Notebook
eXperiment with the help of writing mentors
Your happy place
Zillion writing ideas

writing word cloud

Nik Wallenda


Nik Wallenda is known for his high wire performances. Matt and I watched his amazing walk over Niagara Falls in 2012. We did not take our eyes off the television. We were cheering for him and in the edge of our seats as he took each step.

We were lucky enough to see his show in Atlantic City. There were many acts where you held your breath (reminding yourself to breathe) and some you just watched in awe. There was some comedy, too. It was such a spectacular show. What a smart spur of the moment decision!

We even got our picture with Nik Wallenda!



Rainy Days


Gloomy, gray skies
Ongoing for days
Mood is blue
Wish the sun would peek out
Spring showers are necessary I know
But could use a little break from all the dreariness
Get kids outside to play for recess
Not have my hair frizz and curl
Sun, please come out and let us enjoy your brightness!





Snippets from Kindergarten Writer’s Notebooks


When I started teaching Kindergarten (after teaching 2nd grade for 4 years) I wasn’t sure how a writer’s notebook could fit into my day when they couldn’t write or read. Aaaahhhh!!!!

Then, I realized drawing is writing as much as words and sentences. In years past, I started using a writer’s notebook in January when my writers were able to write a sentence or two. Last year, I started writer’s notebooks at the end of September (basically when I started them in 2nd grade) instead of waiting till mid-year. The beginning of the year I start simple. I use color poems and they draw various things and eventually label them. Then, gradually words becoming phrases and phrases become sentences.

The results…amazing. Seeing the growth and how they developed as a writer… so rewarding. Witnessing their love of writing…priceless!

Here are some snippets of our writer’s notebooks(I included some of mine too as I feel strongly that that teachers should be writing too. Students need to see their teacher as a writer too! It’s my favorite part of the day as it is many of my K writers favorite time, too!):





Moving slowly

Oh, how the weekend flew by

No more sleeping in

Days of teaching, planning, preparing, assessing, and meetings ahead

Another week




Second Hole


At 34, I got my second hole pierced. I’ve wanted to do it for awhile, but it never happened. One weekend, I decided I’m finally going to do it. I took my best friend and her daughter with me. It was an experience. I probably did better when I got my ears first pierced at 7.

I get in the chair.
The lady hands me a mirror.
Then wants me to hold it as she pierces my ears.
She just puts the mark on my ears where she is going to pierce my ears.
I flinch.
“Can’t watch,” I say.
She laughs and says, “I didn’t even do anything yet!”
She asks, “do you want me to count down?”
“NO! Just do it!!!”
All done!!!


Think I’d be used to pain (a lot worse) through the years with my health issues. Nope.




Ginger plays

With her penguin when we come

Home from work since she has been

Home alone all

Day by herself and now it’s time

To let out

All her stored up energy from the long day

Tugs and pulls and chews loving her time

To play!

She is not the only one!



Spring Poetry


We welcomed spring in my classroom by writing some spring poems (Goodbye Winter, Hello Spring). I think it’s Spring anyway. This weather had been bizarre going back and forth in temperature constantly. We wrote in our writer’s notebooks about Spring to brainstorm for our poems. I shared mine with my K writers then they were off creating their own. Here are some of our poems.



Long for the Beach

Oh, how I long for the beach
Breathtaking sunsets
The calmness the ocean brings
Bright, hot sun on my skin
Crystal clear blue sky
Smells of saltwater and suntan lotion
Waves crashing onto the shore
Toes in the soft sand
Seagulls squawking overhead (just don’t poop on me)
Relaxing while reading a captivating book
Oh, how I long for the beach



What a Day


My day in a nutshell…

Clean up pee from Ginger

Clean up more pee from Ginger

Hence running late to school

Quickly put stuff down

Go to meeting

Kiddos coming in

Trying to quickly prepare for the morning

Clean up pee from student (more custodian than me)

Call Vet quick during lunch

Prepare for afternoon and other responsibilities

Somehow just enough time to go to the bathroom

Shove lunch down throat

Afternoon not terrible (of course didn’t get to everything I wanted)

Take students to Technology

Take student to nurse who refuses to open his eye (going on for a week or so and nurse doesn’t see anything)

Write note to parent and respond to emails

Look at time (where does time go?)

Pick kids up (no time to use bathroom)

Go to grocery store before going home

Let Ginger out (follow her in yard to get pee sample)

Figure something out for dinner

Read blogs and comment (most enjoyable part of my day)

School work (never seem to get anything done at work)

Take Ginger to vet (has UTI)

Come home

Give Ginger antibiotic

More school work to do (nope, can’t do it)