Dr. Seuss


This week we celebrated Dr. Seuss by doing various activities throughout the week. It’s a very hectic week especially with report cards due next week, but it was fun and the kids LOVE it! Fun is sooo important to remember with all the added demands.


On Monday, we celebrated I Can Read with my Eyes Shut. Staff and students wore shirts with words on it. It was fun reading everyone’s shirt! We also read Oh, the Places You’ll Go and students wrote about their future. So fun to read their writing!

On Tuesday, we celebrated Fox in Socks. I let kids take their shoes off while in the classroom and show off their cool socks! The littlest things excite them!!! We read The Foot Book and students wrote what kind of feet they have!

For Wacky Wednesday I debated…do I make the kids more crazy by making the room wacky? Of course! They LOVED it. We looked around the room and they found lots of wacky things!

On Thursday, we celebrated Cat in the Hat. Of course, all different kinds of hats were worn. We also read The Lorax. Students made Truffula Tree word families. Thursday night we celebrated Dr. Seuss’ birthday during Family Literacy Night. It was so nice to see so many families come out and enjoy the world of literacy!!!

Today we celebrated I’m NOT Getting Up Today by coming to school in our pajamas! Got to love pjs on a cold Friday (2 days ago it was 70 and today snow showers?!?!?)! The first 15 minutes of the day the whole school dropped everything to read! Love it!!!




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