The Littlest Thing


The littlest things can go such a long way. You never know what could make someone’s day.

A woman said, “I really like you with glasses,” as I was cutting through our Learning Lab to get to the office. “Really?!?!” I replied surprised.  I told her that I never wear my glasses unless I don’t feel well. So you know when I’m wearing my glasses what that means. We both chuckled and she said I understand I wear contacts too. I told her thanks with a smile and went on my way.

She works in a classroom down the hall from me as an assistant. I don’t have much contact with her,  but her comment and kindness went a long way. The rest of the day I just kept thinking about her comment and how good it made me feel. Just what I needed that day!




4 thoughts on “The Littlest Thing

  1. Kindness is a big topic these days. Often it is just the little things that make such a big impact. The human contact and also the fact that she was noticing and connecting. Such a big thing to model in today’s fast paced world. Thanks for the slice.

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  2. This piece is powerful, Shelly, because it reminds us of the importance of simple acts of kindness like taking the time to give someone an honest compliment. I like to read your pieces because they are always honest and sincere. You are a kind, sweet human being and that comes through in your writing, too! Thanks for a great way to start my Monday!

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