Happy birthday, Nana!

I will never forget all of my memories with Nana. She always knew what dessert to make me. Her cheesecake was the best! All of our trips tothe Phillies games were so much fun! Both Matt and I really enjoyed going todinner with Nana and Pop-Pop. Some of our favorite places included Shady Maple,Valentino’s, Snuzzles, Kutztown Tavern, and the Home Town Diner. Whenever wewent to dinner Pop-Pop would say, “Eat heavy, Nana’s buying.” We will always cherish our memories with Nana. I’m so thankful she was able to be at our wedding in June 2009.


My grandmother was taken from us on October 6, 2010. We unfortunately knew when she went into the hospital, this visit would be her final one. She was put on hospice. I went to the hospital and where she was in hospice every chance I got knowing I didn’t have much time left with her. I also was getting a procedure done so would be under anesthesia and wouldn’t be able to drive to see her after my procedure. We didn’t know how much longer she had. In her finals days, she still watched Dancing with the Stars and managed to give some smiles and laughs.

My procedure was on October 6, 2010…


3 thoughts on “Nana

  1. Your Nana sounds like a wonderful and special lady (and your Pop-Pop’s funny!). The coincidence in dates, I feel, are not always just simple coincidences. My grandfather was also sick and in hospice care when I went into labor with my son. It was a very difficult labor and my son refused to come no matter what interventions were tried. My grandfather passed away late Saturday night and my son arrived a couple of hours later on Sunday. My grandmother always said that it happened like that so my grandfather could always watch over my son, like a guardian angel. I believe your grandmother is your guardian angel. Thanks so much for sharing such a personal experience!

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