All About Me in Numbers


Another slicer  inspired today’s slice:

Numbers to describe myself…

Have 1 brother
My best friend has 2 kids and I love them like they are my own
3 years since I gained my best friend and sister (feels like we have known each other so much longer!)
4 years since I had my major surgery
Got my Masters after 5 years of college
6 months ago I started doing Zumba
7th year teaching Kindergarten
We have been in our new house for 8 months
Ginger, my pug, will be 9 years old  this year
Love being part of the 10th Annual Slice of Life Story Challenge
In my 11th year teaching
My husband and I have been together for 12 years



4 thoughts on “All About Me in Numbers

  1. I really like the scaffold for this writing and learned so many new things about you, Shelly. It is hard to believe you have been teaching for 11 years now or that Ginger is nine. But only seven years in kindergarten, so what did you teach before that?

    I think writers of many ages would enjoy writing a piece with this scaffold. I think I will try it out in my writer’s notebook! Thanks for your mentor text!

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