Melted Heart


I was in the hallway as students were arriving for the day

Twin first grade girls (one was in my Kindergarten classroom last year and the other was in the classroom next door) were coming down the hall

Such sweet girls with beautiful voices. Always enjoyed them singing me a few lines of a song! They always brightened my day!

I called out to them, “my favorite girls!”

They smiled and ran to me with open arms.

Both girls hugged me and then off they went to breakfast and I went back into my classroom.

In their 6 years, they know about things no child should ever know.

Our encounter made my day. They melted my heart with their smiles and excitement of seeing me!

Couldn’t stop thinking about that moment…



3 thoughts on “Melted Heart

  1. Shelly, your post is so full of emotions! Your love for children, and their love for you! I know about the twins’ beautiful singing voices and have heard them sing (last year). But your one line, “In their six years…” sent a shivery chill up and down my spine. I loved the way you ended with a word list!

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