What a Day


My day in a nutshell…

Clean up pee from Ginger

Clean up more pee from Ginger

Hence running late to school

Quickly put stuff down

Go to meeting

Kiddos coming in

Trying to quickly prepare for the morning

Clean up pee from student (more custodian than me)

Call Vet quick during lunch

Prepare for afternoon and other responsibilities

Somehow just enough time to go to the bathroom

Shove lunch down throat

Afternoon not terrible (of course didn’t get to everything I wanted)

Take students to Technology

Take student to nurse who refuses to open his eye (going on for a week or so and nurse doesn’t see anything)

Write note to parent and respond to emails

Look at time (where does time go?)

Pick kids up (no time to use bathroom)

Go to grocery store before going home

Let Ginger out (follow her in yard to get pee sample)

Figure something out for dinner

Read blogs and comment (most enjoyable part of my day)

School work (never seem to get anything done at work)

Take Ginger to vet (has UTI)

Come home

Give Ginger antibiotic

More school work to do (nope, can’t do it)




2 thoughts on “What a Day

  1. Oh, Shelly, this is a fabulous list poem! I am tired after reading it – you are one busy lady! I hope Ginger feels better – the antibiotics should do the trick. I like the use of your whispering parentheses – adds voice. Great ending – one word and in all caps! Loved reading this and feeling the energy, anxiety, concern, and finally, needing to let go of all of it and go to bed!

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