Second Hole


At 34, I got my second hole pierced. I’ve wanted to do it for awhile, but it never happened. One weekend, I decided I’m finally going to do it. I took my best friend and her daughter with me. It was an experience. I probably did better when I got my ears first pierced at 7.

I get in the chair.
The lady hands me a mirror.
Then wants me to hold it as she pierces my ears.
She just puts the mark on my ears where she is going to pierce my ears.
I flinch.
“Can’t watch,” I say.
She laughs and says, “I didn’t even do anything yet!”
She asks, “do you want me to count down?”
“NO! Just do it!!!”
All done!!!


Think I’d be used to pain (a lot worse) through the years with my health issues. Nope.


7 thoughts on “Second Hole

  1. vendija723 says:

    I have three on one side, and one on the other, a decision made over twenty years ago. It takes courage to set yourself up for something that you know will hurt, even temporarily, which is why I’ve never gotten a tattoo! Enjoy your new piercing.

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