ABC’s of Writing


I want to take time to thank TwoWritingTeachers for creating this amazing community. Slice of Life has allowed me to grow as a writer. The Slice of Life challenge is such a rewarding experience. This is my second year and I love being a part of this community of amazing slicers. I look forward to slicing daily as well as anticipating the comments I will receive. I also thoroughly enjoy reading other blogs, commenting, and connecting with other slicers. I learn so much from everyone and love experimenting with my own writing! I love the world of writing so I wrote the ABC’s of Writing for today’s slice!

Author’s chair
Colorful language
Daily writing is a must
Figurative language
Give feedback
Heart maps
Kindergarteners developing into amazing writers
Mentor texts
Quitting is not an option
Slice of Life
Thank you Two Writing Teachers for creating an amazing community for writers to share
Use your imagination
Variation in print
Writer’s Notebook
eXperiment with the help of writing mentors
Your happy place
Zillion writing ideas

writing word cloud

7 thoughts on “ABC’s of Writing

  1. So perfect for today, Shelly! I just love you writing ABCs for this experience. The wordle is so beautiful! So perfect! I enjoyed visiting you here each day. Keep writing, dear friend! See you here each Tuesday on Slice?

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