Summer Writing Celebration

I was inspired by Kathleen’s post,, to encourage my K writers to continue to write throughout the summer.

I printed out the WRITE Bingo sheet for them to have suggestions as well as kept my Writer’s Notebook link on my classroom website for more ideas.

I tweeked it to make it work for me, but was so happy how it turned out for my first year in doing this challenge.

My K writers, now going into first grade, were so excited after I presented the challenge in the Spring before leaving for summer break. I encouraged them to send me pictures throughout the summer of them writing! Some students even sent me postcards during the summer!

I did not give any specific requirements on how often they had to write or a certain number of boxes to be completed on the WRITE BINGO sheet. I just wanted them to continue their enthusiasm for writing! I sent  Save the Dates for our celebration home with them before Summer Break. Then, during the summer I sent out the invitations.

I was told by multiple parents how excited their child was to get mail from me and could not wait to come!

Yesterday, was our celebration and I couldn’t be happier how it turned out for my first year. I also inspired a fellow K teacher and friend to do it too. She loved doing it as much as I did!

It got me to write more than usual over the summer. It was fantastic! I made a slideshow with pictures from the school year and the pictures that were sent to me over the summer (of course included the postcards I received, some pictures of me and even our librarian participated). I gave out “High Five” Ribbons and “I Love Writing” pencils. I also had “You Did It” certificates for them. Of course, had some special snacks for everyone to enjoy too!

I had 8 students come out of 24. Would I have liked more? Absolutely! But, I am sure proud of the 8 who came and have a true love of writing! The students enjoyed it and the parents were so appreciative. A challenge I will definitely do every year!

Here are some general pictures. Sorry can’t have kiddos in them.










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