Poetry Month kickoff

We kicked off Poetry Month with my K writers brainstorming: What is Poetry? Then we watched “A Poem Is…” by Disney (clips of students sharing what poetry is to them). We came back to our anchor chart and added more ideas. We will continue to add to our chart throughout the month! Great list so far!

We read I Love Chocolate by David’s Cali today to inspire our writing in our writer’s notebook. A student on her own wrote a poem! Was so thrilled!

Chocolate Oh chocolate you taste so good. You’re munchy and crunchy. Like cake too. I love you so very very much. You make me happy. So very very much. You make my heart better.

A Great Poetry Moment in the Library :

I was in the library today dropping off a book for the librarian when a first grade student was telling her he could not get to the 811s. She told him to tell me because she knows how much I love poetry! 😀 He said “I just learned about poetry and I can’t even get to the 811s (poetry books)!” There were so many students that were in the section that he couldn’t get in. Kudos to our librarian for getting the students super excited about poetry!

What a great start to Poetry Month!!!