Sounds of the Beach

Here is a poem inspired by “Forest Has a Song” by Amy Ludwig VanDerwater.

At the beach in Ocean City, Maryland

I hear

Families enjoying the ocean fun.

Laughter and squeals of joy.

Kids laughing.

Waves crashing.

Seagulls squawking.

Boats zooming.

Whistle blowing.

Lifeguard yelling.

Families conversing.

Airplanes flying.

The beach has a song.


Love at First Sight

My brother and sister-in-law had their first child on Father’s Day.

So perfect in every way.

Julian Brian is so small

His face says it all

Adorable and precious to me

Everyone would agree

Having Julian in my arms, he stole my heart

Right from the start

His tiny hands wrapped around my finger, he opened his eyes so we could see his beautiful blue eyes

How I felt I cannot verbalize

Julian melted my heart right away

He is very special in every way

Julian brings my life so much light

Definitely love at first sight