Here is a description of a water ride we went on while in Ocean City, Maryland called Stealth.

No one wanted to go.

Looked a bit intimidating.

Not much of a edge around it.


However, Cayden, 10, wanted to try it (my little daredevil).

Of course, I agreed to go with him.

We finally got to the top.

It was our turn to cross the bridge to get on the tube.

The girl that helped with getting us situated in the tube was harnessed so she wouldn’t fall (definitely a sign of the craziness of the ride).

Cayden in the front and me in the back.

Hold on tight.

No turning back now!



Down we went (HUGE drop).

Side to side, up and down.

Laughs and squeals of joy

So much fun!

A thrill no doubt!


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