Bio poem

Inspired by other slicers to create my own bio poem for today.


Loving, hard-working, compassionate

Wife of Matt, mother to 2 pugs

Who loves reading, yoga, and learning

Who experienced many things at 36, mother that has permanent brain damage from horrific car accident in ‘91, loss of a dear cousin due to car accident in ‘05, loss of grandmother the same day of my surgery in ‘10, major 10 hour surgery in ‘13 (just to name a few)

Who fears snakes, spiders, and mice (my students can tell you stories what Mrs. Keller does when there is a mouse)

Who successfully teaches curious and enthusiastic Kindergarteners

Who dreams of visiting Australia one day and holding a koala

Who lives across from a pizzeria and bakery (always smelling delicious and oh so tempting)


#SOL19 is my fourth year participating! I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to connect with incredible writers! This community brings me so much joy and inspiration! Thank you TWT for this amazing community of writers!


5 thoughts on “Bio poem

  1. What a tough year! I am so sorry for all your losses. I would love to visit Australia some day too–though I’m less sure about holding a koala. I think I’d rather view from a distance! The bio poem format is fun, isn’t it? So glad I tried it out today too!

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  2. So much can be learned from a bio poem like this. I read slowly and carefully – shared with Ralph about trip to Australia – that is his dream, too. Reading this poem made me think about how much I miss you and visiting your kindergarten class!

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