What a Morning!

What a morning! A fiasco to start the day…

Started as a regular morning with feeding the dogs and letting them outside to do their business. Rylee was done, (so I thought) wanting to come back inside.

She was not acting herself. Oh boy! Not again. I knew the problem…

Some poop stuck because of the hair in it. If she would stop eating everything in sight (that’s a puppy for you though)!!!!

She is running around the house as I’m chasing her trying to help her. Got her into the bathroom and managed to get some of it. Matt had to start getting ready for work so he headed to the bedroom…

“UGH, I JUST STEPPED IN SOME?!?!” yelled Matt. Poop on the bottom of his foot and tried to keep his foot in the air and, of course, Rylee goes under his foot and gets poop on her head.


She ends up pooping out the rest on the carpet (guess at least that problem is solved). Cleaned that up. “CRAP?!?!?” I exclaimed as I remembered I had started boiling water. Ran into kitchen and turned off burner. Now had to tackle the poop on her head. Rylee wanted nothing to do with me getting it off. I was done running around trying to get it cleaned off so scooped her under my arm and put her into the tub.

I held Rylee while Matt cleaned her head. Another mess tackled. Now back to the kitchen to boil more water (other water evaporated). Oatmeal made and managed to enjoy.

Tried to get Rylee to go outside to pee. No luck (gets scared when she has pooping issues and of course it was raining so another obstacle). So finished getting ready. Look to see what Rylee is doing. “NO!!!!” I cried. Rylee peed all over Matt’s jeans on the floor (maybe he won’t leave his clothes on the floor now).

Got cleaning supplies back out. Cleaned it up. I couldn’t take anymore mishaps. Time for Rylee to get in her pen.

Finally left and still got to school with a few minutes to spare (even though a lot later than usual).

What a disaster of a morning!

#SOL19 is my fourth year participating! I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to connect with incredible writers! This community brings me so much joy and inspiration! Thank you TWT for this amazing community of writers!


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