New Toys

While at Target we didn’t leave without some new toys for our babies. Lately, have been throwing many away due to being very old and worn. Many chewed through. I cut off all the tags. Ginger immediately took the penguin I gave her and began playing. Put an instant smile on my face since she doesn’t play with toys like she used to. She’s 10 years old, but Rylee, almost 10 months, keeps Ginger’s puppy side alive (maybe for 5 minutes, but hey better than laying around)! Rylee enjoyed her monster I gave her. For a short time, Ginger and Rylee even were enjoying their new toys side-by-side!😊 Love my girls and happy they enjoyed their new toys!💜🐾

#SOL19 is my fourth year participating! I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to connect with incredible writers! This community brings me so much joy and inspiration! Thank you TWT for this amazing community of writers!


2 thoughts on “New Toys

  1. Of course, I could really appreciate this post. My Merri loves toys, too, and plays tug-of-war. She does not destroy her toys but Arthur who is nineteen months loves tearing the stuffing out of them and getting the prize – the squeaker! I love your photos. I shop for dog toys, too!

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  2. dianeandlynne says:

    New toys! I can just imagine the excitement. Our dog used to love the “new” for about 10 minutes. Smile; it’s all you can do. We love our pets

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