Stressed and Overwhelmed

Today, we could get into our classrooms to get what we needed for virtual learning which begins on Monday. I have been going through my classroom in my head the last several days to figure out what I want to grab in my 10 minutes I was allotted to be there. So much to think about. So overwhelming.

I was greeted by my principal with an air hug and we conversed for a minute as we kept our distanced from each other.

It was eerily quiet walking down the hall. So sad. So surreal. Just wanted to cry.
“Where should I start?” I pondered.
I decided to tackle the science materials first which were in the front of the building. I grabbed what I needed and set off to my classroom. I glanced at the clock upon entering my classroom.

Only two minutes left of my allotted time. I texted my principal who was monitoring the door asking if it was okay to be longer if I kept my door shut.
“Absolutely,” she replied.
I ran around (like a chicken with its head cut off) my classroom grabbing everything I thought I might need. Felt like I was on the game show, Supermarket Sweep!
Okay, I think I’m done.” Checked my list (knew with being so overwhelmed I would not remember everything I definitely wanted to get).
“Ugh!” I groaned. Forgot a few items (good thing for that list!).
Frantically, rummaging through my books trying to locate specific titles (need to organize these better). “There they are!” I excitedly uttered. Sigh of relief. I grabbed a few other items and was out the door.
Well, I couldn’t do it in ten minutes. It took me twenty. How do you quickly choose what you need to virtually teach from a plethora of materials you use on a daily basis in the classroom? I want to be successful teaching virtually for my students, parents, administrators, and myself.

Let the new adventure begin.

#SOL20 is my fifth year participating! I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to connect with incredible writers! This community brings me so much joy and inspiration! Thank you TWT for this amazing community of writers!


7 thoughts on “Stressed and Overwhelmed

  1. Good luck. My team & I have almost survived the first week of virtual teaching. It’s…different. The biggest problem we have are several of our students are not signing on and checking their e-mails. I hope yours goes smoother. Again good luck.

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  2. That was me a couple of weeks ago, fortunately some of our planning is online now so I did not really worry too much. At least you have what you need. What grade are you teaching? We started our online teaching this week and it’s been hectic. I am optimistic it gets better. Good luck too.

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  3. Amanda Regan says:

    I can’t believe you were only given ten minutes! The first week school was closed, we had a full work day on campus to prepare for online teaching. Additionally, we were allowed back in our classroom for three hours this past Monday to get things we might need to teach after Spring Break, which begins next week. Good luck with your transition to online teaching!

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  4. We start Day 5 tomorrow. We have learned that we are assigning too much and expecting ourselves to master new technology too quickly. I like how you compare this to a Supermarket Sweep. I bet the adrenaline was rushing! Good luck. Nice to have a flexible principal.

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  5. We are able to sign up to go into school to get what we need, but I honestly have no idea what I need?
    Good luck! I’m sure just hearing your voice will help kindergartners in this unusual time.

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