Opinion Writing in K

We have been doing opinion writing in Kindergarten. I modeled 2 different ones.

I read the book, Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus! by Mo Willems, and my K writers discussed in pairs if the Pigeon should drive the bus. This is our shared writing:


We also read Duck! Rabbit! by Amy Krouse Rosenthal and Tom Lichtenheld. Students shared why they thought it was a duck or a rabbit. Here is our shared writing:

LOVE hearing the ideas of my K writers!



CF Awareness

A very sweet boy, who I look at as my own, has CF. He is 9 years old. He is the strongest, bravest, sweetest, and happiest boy I know despite what he goes through day in and day out. The last several months have been a struggle. My heart breaks each day for Cayden.

From Cindy the mother of Cayden:

With a broken heart💔 and tears 😢 in my eyes, nothing is more painful than trying to smile and remain positive, but after many tests, being poked and prodded, the person physically changes and they suffer with sadness. I know many of you do not give a hoot about this message because, of course, the cystic fibrosis has not affected you. You do not know what it’s like to have fought the fight, or have a loved one who leads or has lead a battle against cystic fibrosis. If you know someone who has led a battle against cystic fibrosis , still struggling, or who passed, please spread Cystic Fibrosis Awareness to support, respect, and remembrance. 💜


My Superhero

Cayden has cystic fibrosis (CF) and was hospitalized on Tuesday, August 22nd. He is at CHOP getting extra antibiotics and treatments to get him better so he can come home. He is the most amazing boy you will meet. Here is a poem I wrote for my Superhero:

My Superhero

You fight each day with all your might
All the while still have a smile so bright

You make me laugh and smile for sure
Despite the hospital stay, pills, pricks, treatments, and difficulty breathing you endure

You make me so proud
Sadness and complaining are not allowed

Your positive spirit is contagious
Amazed by how you are so courageous

You are my inspiration
You give me an education

To live life to the fullest no matter what
You cannot get yourself in a rut

You are the strongest, bravest, most amazing boy I know
My love and fondness for you has no choice but to grow

I love you like my own
It is not like anything I ever known

I love you with all my heart
Which began from the very start

Stay strong and positive
You are my hero

Love always,


Summer Writing Celebration

I was inspired by Kathleen’s post, https://twowritingteachers.org/2017/05/05/keep-the-learning-going/, to encourage my K writers to continue to write throughout the summer.

I printed out the WRITE Bingo sheet for them to have suggestions as well as kept my Writer’s Notebook link on my classroom website for more ideas.

I tweeked it to make it work for me, but was so happy how it turned out for my first year in doing this challenge.

My K writers, now going into first grade, were so excited after I presented the challenge in the Spring before leaving for summer break. I encouraged them to send me pictures throughout the summer of them writing! Some students even sent me postcards during the summer!

I did not give any specific requirements on how often they had to write or a certain number of boxes to be completed on the WRITE BINGO sheet. I just wanted them to continue their enthusiasm for writing! I sent  Save the Dates for our celebration home with them before Summer Break. Then, during the summer I sent out the invitations.

I was told by multiple parents how excited their child was to get mail from me and could not wait to come!

Yesterday, was our celebration and I couldn’t be happier how it turned out for my first year. I also inspired a fellow K teacher and friend to do it too. She loved doing it as much as I did!

It got me to write more than usual over the summer. It was fantastic! I made a slideshow with pictures from the school year and the pictures that were sent to me over the summer (of course included the postcards I received, some pictures of me and even our librarian participated). I gave out “High Five” Ribbons and “I Love Writing” pencils. I also had “You Did It” certificates for them. Of course, had some special snacks for everyone to enjoy too!

I had 8 students come out of 24. Would I have liked more? Absolutely! But, I am sure proud of the 8 who came and have a true love of writing! The students enjoyed it and the parents were so appreciative. A challenge I will definitely do every year!

Here are some general pictures. Sorry can’t have kiddos in them.










Tuesday thoughts

My thoughts this morning as I sit outside…


But a break from constantly watering my flowers

But no sun causing me to sweat profusely

But nice to have a break from the heat wave

No air conditioning this morning
But getting a new window and at least not a steamy day




Colossal Curl


This summer we went to Williamsburg, VA. Water Country U.S.A. was one of our favorite places.

Looking at the water slide was a bit intimidating. Huge slide with twists and turns every which way with COLOSSAL sides of the slide that look a bit frightening. We got to the top and onto the ride. It was Cindy, Mikayla, and I on the tube. No turning back now. At first, not bad at all. Thinking…Colossal? Really?



We were flying around the slide. This way and that way. Up and down. High up one side of the slide.



Screaming and laughing until we reached the bottom. WOW!!! WHAT A THRILL!




Happy Anniversary


Today is our anniversary. I couldn’t imagine a better husband to travel this journey called life. It’s been 8 years that we have been married and life has thrown us some curve balls, but we couldn’t be closer or stronger. We also had our share of amazing times, too. He is truly the best!!!

I love you
For your never ending love and support.

I love you
For being by my side through all the endless doctor appointments, tests, procedures, hospital stays, and surgeries.

I love you
For sticking by me through the tough times.

I love you
For all the great times we have shared.

I love you
For your humor and making me laugh.

I love you
For always helping me stay positive.

I love you
For being the amazing man and husband you are.

Happy Anniversary!!!