Many what ifs and whys

Different paths

Sad times

Frustrating times

Happy times



Laugh often

Live to the fullest




List Poems


We just finished writing list poems that were inspired by Margaret Wise Brown’s poem, Bugs, and I Love Dogs by Sue Stainton.

I created a poem first about animals in front of my K writers. Then, we created one together about school.


Here are samples of K writers leaping into the world of poetry!


Disability Awareness


This week our special education teachers put together various activities to develop disability awareness. Today, we had a faculty meeting and one of our intermediate school teachers led a professional development on disability awareness and the history. Soooo very eye opening. Kindergarten had an assembly today discussing disabilities and differences. Students shared words and phrases to create a word cloud. The largest word? Differences. We watched a a short video about a boy who was missing a leg and got a present. That present…a dog with 3 legs. They also drew a self-portrait to display in our learning lab (where we have assemblies).

Our special education teachers sent short, kid-friendly videos on YouTube that we could show in our classrooms. They also created an amazing interactive bulletin board all classes can visit to put themselves in the lives of students living with a disability and learn more about disabilities.

Each class has a puzzle to color and design, which will be put together for display in the front of our school.

Friday is “Rock Your Socks” Day. Students and staff are encouraged to wear any kind of socks (high socks, mismatched socks, striped socks, etc.) to celebrate Down Syndrome Awareness.

Thank you to our special education teachers for all their effort for creating disability awareness week at our school!!!




ABC’s of Writing


I want to take time to thank TwoWritingTeachers for creating this amazing community. Slice of Life has allowed me to grow as a writer. The Slice of Life challenge is such a rewarding experience. This is my second year and I love being a part of this community of amazing slicers. I look forward to slicing daily as well as anticipating the comments I will receive. I also thoroughly enjoy reading other blogs, commenting, and connecting with other slicers. I learn so much from everyone and love experimenting with my own writing! I love the world of writing so I wrote the ABC’s of Writing for today’s slice!

Author’s chair
Colorful language
Daily writing is a must
Figurative language
Give feedback
Heart maps
Kindergarteners developing into amazing writers
Mentor texts
Quitting is not an option
Slice of Life
Thank you Two Writing Teachers for creating an amazing community for writers to share
Use your imagination
Variation in print
Writer’s Notebook
eXperiment with the help of writing mentors
Your happy place
Zillion writing ideas

writing word cloud

Nik Wallenda


Nik Wallenda is known for his high wire performances. Matt and I watched his amazing walk over Niagara Falls in 2012. We did not take our eyes off the television. We were cheering for him and in the edge of our seats as he took each step.

We were lucky enough to see his show in Atlantic City. There were many acts where you held your breath (reminding yourself to breathe) and some you just watched in awe. There was some comedy, too. It was such a spectacular show. What a smart spur of the moment decision!

We even got our picture with Nik Wallenda!



Rainy Days


Gloomy, gray skies
Ongoing for days
Mood is blue
Wish the sun would peek out
Spring showers are necessary I know
But could use a little break from all the dreariness
Get kids outside to play for recess
Not have my hair frizz and curl
Sun, please come out and let us enjoy your brightness!