My Superhero

Cayden has cystic fibrosis (CF) and was hospitalized on Tuesday, August 22nd. He is at CHOP getting extra antibiotics and treatments to get him better so he can come home. He is the most amazing boy you will meet. Here is a poem I wrote for my Superhero:

My Superhero

You fight each day with all your might
All the while still have a smile so bright

You make me laugh and smile for sure
Despite the hospital stay, pills, pricks, treatments, and difficulty breathing you endure

You make me so proud
Sadness and complaining are not allowed

Your positive spirit is contagious
Amazed by how you are so courageous

You are my inspiration
You give me an education

To live life to the fullest no matter what
You cannot get yourself in a rut

You are the strongest, bravest, most amazing boy I know
My love and fondness for you has no choice but to grow

I love you like my own
It is not like anything I ever known

I love you with all my heart
Which began from the very start

Stay strong and positive
You are my hero

Love always,