Colossal Curl


This summer we went to Williamsburg, VA. Water Country U.S.A. was one of our favorite places.

Looking at the water slide was a bit intimidating. Huge slide with twists and turns every which way with COLOSSAL sides of the slide that look a bit frightening. We got to the top and onto the ride. It was Cindy, Mikayla, and I on the tube. No turning back now. At first, not bad at all. Thinking…Colossal? Really?



We were flying around the slide. This way and that way. Up and down. High up one side of the slide.



Screaming and laughing until we reached the bottom. WOW!!! WHAT A THRILL!




Happy Anniversary


Today is our anniversary. I couldn’t imagine a better husband to travel this journey called life. It’s been 8 years that we have been married and life has thrown us some curve balls, but we couldn’t be closer or stronger. We also had our share of amazing times, too. He is truly the best!!!

I love you
For your never ending love and support.

I love you
For being by my side through all the endless doctor appointments, tests, procedures, hospital stays, and surgeries.

I love you
For sticking by me through the tough times.

I love you
For all the great times we have shared.

I love you
For your humor and making me laugh.

I love you
For always helping me stay positive.

I love you
For being the amazing man and husband you are.

Happy Anniversary!!!



Gelatin Olympics


I experienced my first Gelatin Olympics last week. My husband’s work does a charity community event that benefits Kids-N-Hope. It was the 24th Annual Gelatin Olympics. Participants raised money and slide into Strawberry JELL-O! It was fun to watch! They ended up raising over $36,000 for such a amazing cause!

Here are some words and phrases that describe the event:

Amazing cause
Helping kids



Our Poetry is Inspiring


My K writers were eager to  dive into Poetry Month! We wrote many different poems (some I shared in previous posts)! We then created front and back covers to compile our poems into a poem book. We took a break from our regular book making in April to write learn more about poetry and write our own!

Our excitement was contagious! We even inspired another K classroom, Mrs. Speers’ class, to write shape poems after looking at our poem books! Funny thing is I just discovered that I never took pictures of our shape poems! I just have the shape poems I shared with my K writers. Mrs. Speers’ class did an amazing job though! Mrs. Speers and her K writers are excited about poetry. YAY!!!



CF Awareness

My brother shared a Facebook post with me he was going to post after a Cystic Fibrosis Bowling Fundraiser we were at this past weekend. The family is very special to me. I have wrote about them many times. Cayden was in my Kindergarten class and his mom, Cindy, and I have become very close…truly sisters by heart. Cindy baked my brother’s wedding cake this past summer. Cayden and Cindy are such amazing people who both have CF. Cindy faces so many challenges each day and well as Cayden, 9. They both are inspirations to everyone. My brother really touched my heart with his words (so proud of him). His words really make you think. We all have challenges that life brings us. Cayden truly is a boy who inspires you to fight and overcome the challenges life bring you. Truly perfect to start off CF Awareness Month.

Here are my brother’s words:

As you wake up this Monday morning I wanted to share a short story, I left a bowling benefit this past weekend with a heavy heart. My third and fourth words were exactly what we need to appreciate more and more everyday. Wake up, everyday you do so you’re blessed. Sometimes the struggles of everyday life get in the way of our vision of what’s really and truly important in life. I find it amazing how such a young boy can impact my life as a 27 year old man. This young boys name is Cayden, and everyday he battles and attacks his fight against Cystic Fibrosis. Cayden’s smile changed my life on Saturday forever. As I was observing, just watching Cayden have such a good time it really makes me wonder why I ever complain. Today I challenge you too just appreciate life. Not what you feel you should have or be but simply the fact that today you woke up healthy.


If you would like to experience what breathing is like for a CF person try the following: