Poetry Month kickoff

We kicked off Poetry Month with my K writers brainstorming: What is Poetry? Then we watched “A Poem Is…” by Disney (clips of students sharing what poetry is to them). We came back to our anchor chart and added more ideas. We will continue to add to our chart throughout the month! Great list so far!

We read I Love Chocolate by David’s Cali today to inspire our writing in our writer’s notebook. A student on her own wrote a poem! Was so thrilled!

Chocolate Oh chocolate you taste so good. You’re munchy and crunchy. Like cake too. I love you so very very much. You make me happy. So very very much. You make my heart better.

A Great Poetry Moment in the Library :

I was in the library today dropping off a book for the librarian when a first grade student was telling her he could not get to the 811s. She told him to tell me because she knows how much I love poetry! 😀 He said “I just learned about poetry and I can’t even get to the 811s (poetry books)!” There were so many students that were in the section that he couldn’t get in. Kudos to our librarian for getting the students super excited about poetry!

What a great start to Poetry Month!!!


SOL18 Reflections

I always amaze myself, even after my 3rd year doing the Slice of Life Challenge, at the end of the month. Writing every day for 31 days. Having something to write about for 31 days straight. I find myself being more observant. Throughout the day I think “oh, that would be a great slice!” I also go back and look through my writer’s notebook. Bring back memories for reflection. I can’t thank Two Writing Teachers enough for this amazing community! I am a better writer because of this community. Love connecting with other slicers. The inspiration is endless. The encouragement is appreciated and needed. An acrostic poem to sum up the month of writing:

Write daily


Inspired by others

Take risks

Identify the infinite possibilities

Need encouragement

Give feedback

Thank you TWT for this amazing community of writers!


Daddy’s Girl

Who feeds her?


Who makes sure she has water?


Who lets her out?


Who keeps track of her medications?


Who is home with her more?


Who does Ginger cuddle with at night?

Her daddy.

Who does Ginger cuddle with on weekends?

Her daddy.

Who does she sleep with at night?

Her daddy.

Matt had to go back into work one night and didn’t get home until 1:30 am.

This meant no cuddling with daddy.

She laid on dad’s side of the bed.

Jumped off bed and went into living room.

Very unsettled without her daddy.

I went into living room expecting to find her getting into trouble.


Just on the couch getting a blanket (her daddy’s) just right (fluffing it up) so she could lay on it

Waiting for her daddy.

Finally convinced her to lay next to me in bed.

Second best to her daddy.

As soon as her daddy got home.

Back to her daddy again.

Happy as a clam now.

Now I’m on Spring Break.

So it is just Ginger and me during the day.

Now of course I’m good enough .

She is able to be free of her pen.

Go outside when she wants.

Cuddles with me.


Her daddy gets home.

She used to be mommy’s girl. Not sure what happened.

Thank you TWT for this amazing community of writers!


Spring Break

Oh, how I longed for you

After a long, crazy winter

February reached 70 degrees

March Nor’easters every other week

No break since Presidents Day (despite the snow days, still felt so long)

Exhausting days of conferences

Sleeping in and much needed rest is now here

No set schedule

Reading for pleasure instead of lesson planning

Cuddling with Ginger (loves when I don’t need to go to work)

Thank you for finally arriving!

Thank you TWT for this amazing community of writers!


ABCs of Me

Today I was inspired by other slicers to try ABCs about me.

Animal lover

Breathe, need to remember to “just breathe”

Clarinet, I played the clarinet from 4th grade to 12th grade

Dance, did ballet, jazz, and tap when I was younger. Still love to dance!

Endometriosis took a toll on me physically and emotionally

Feasterville is our new home, going on 2 years

Ginger, my adorable pug

Help raise awareness for CF (cystic fibrosis)

Ice cream, LOVE my ice cream!

Justin is my brother (8 yrs younger)

Kindergarten teacher

Love going to the beach

Matt is my amazing husband who has always been by my side

Nephew coming in June

Overthink, not a good thing!

Pierogies, My FAVORITE!!!

Quakertown, bought our first house in Quakertown and lived there for almost 10 years.

Reading is one of my favorite pastimes

Sister, not by blood but Cindy is my sister by heart

Tennessee, went to the University of Tennessee…go Vols!

Upper Moreland Primary School is where I have taught for 12 years

Veterinarian, originally went to college for veterinary medicine (lasted a semester)

Writing is my passion, especially teaching it to my K writers!

eXcited about Spring Break

Yellow, not my favorite color to wear at all

Zumba, enjoy giving myself “me” time by doing something I enjoy

Thank you TWT for this amazing community of writers!


Heartbreaking Moment

I was talking with Cindy (my best friend who is like a sister to me) this morning. She was telling me about her son, Cayden, who has cystic fibrosis. She was listening to his lungs.

Cayden asked, “Mom, is this going to put me in the hospital?”

Cindy responded, “I am going to try my hardest that it doesn’t.”

“Well if I do, will I need another bronchoscopy?” asked Cayden

Cindy was telling me how much she hated that these are the thoughts he must have.

Poor child shouldn’t even know what a bronchoscopy is and fear being hospitalized at 10 years old. Cindy is feeling truly shattered. I can’t imagine how she is feeling. I know how it breaks my heart all Cayden has gone through and continues to endure with this disease. I wish there was more I could do. Cayden is the most loving and caring child I have ever known. He is always so happy regardless of the obstacles he faces on a daily basis. He is such an inspiration! I pray he gets better without needing hospitalization. Cindy is an amazing mom and Cayden is such a sweet little man.

Thank you TWT for this amazing community of writers!


Top Ten Moments

Today was the first day of parent-teacher conferences. I always get anxious and stress out about them. Not sure why. It’s year 12 for me. I always know my kids well. They go smoothly…most of the time. They are very long days for sure. Exhausting. But there are some great moments that come out of them! Here are the highlights of my conferences today:

1. “She loves you!”

2. “He loves school!”

3. When I ask him how was school today he says, “it’s always great”!

4. She takes the computer paper and cuts and staples it to make into books!

5. He tells me, “No, Mrs. Keller says you can’t spell it for me!”

6. She cries when you aren’t at school.

7. She doesn’t like half days or when there is no school. She says she wants to be with Mrs. Keller.

8. A handshake from a mother turns into a hug for her appreciation.

9. He looks at signs when driving and reads them now!

10. The excitement of parents on the progress of their child.

All so very rewarding! My heart keeps these moments very close! ❤️

Thank you TWT for this amazing community of writers!