What is Red?

What is Red?

Red is the soft blanket keeping me warm on this rainy, chilly day (Rylee is enjoying the coziness of it too).
Red is the belly of a robin looking for a juicy worm for lunch.
Red is a brilliantly colored cardinal perched on a branch.
Red is the glow of a fire in a fire pit creating the perfect toasted marshmallow.
Red is my heart filled with never ending love for everyone during this difficult time.

Red is the amazing American Red Cross helping those in need.
Red is hot, bubbling lava flowing from an erupting volcano.
Red is a crayon drawing a beautiful picture complete with flowers and hearts.

Red is a lovely fragrant rose with sharp thorns.
Red is the first color in a rainbow that illuminates the sky after a summer rain.
Red is the color of my favorite baseball team. Go Phillies(when you are able to play again)!
Red is juicy watermelon awaiting your be eaten on a hot summer day.
Red is a shiny, round apple that you enjoy as a healthy snack.
Red is a delicious cherry on top of a mound of whipped cream on an ice cream sundae.
Red is the tasty marinara sauce on top of a plate full of spaghetti.

#SOL20 is my fifth year participating! I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to connect with incredible writers! This community brings me so much joy and inspiration! Thank you TWT for this amazing community of writers!


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