Crazy, Crazy Day!

What is with this weather?!?!?

I posted yesterday about a balmy day in February. Today, quite the opposite. Yesterday, we had a nor’easter go through PA. Started as rain with very high winds. Lights went out for a few seconds. Kept my Kindergarten students calm. By 11, snow rapidly came down. All you saw was white. Custodians were out shoveling. However, in my classroom it was like we were at the beach. It was a steamy 77 degrees?!?!? Freezing, windy conditions outside, but wouldn’t know it by our sizzling classroom. My hair was wet like I just took a shower. Of course it Pajama Day and was wearing fleece pjs. Who would have thought that was a bad idea with the weather outside??? Opened the window. WHOOSH!!!!! BAD idea. Put fan on. Students’ papers were flying every which way. Decided it was just time for snack and The Cat in the Hat. It fit into the crazy Dr. Seuss week. Walked into the music room. Ahhhh! Some relief! At least, kiddos had some coolness for a bit! We played a Dr. Seuss game in hallway because of the awful heat in our room. As soon as you walked in the doorway way, BAM!!! You could roast marshmallows!

Dismissal time, lights off and on. Then, out for good. Buses late because of weather and closed road for electrical fire.

Now it was my turn to go out in the blistering winds and snow. Got car cleaned off and was on my way. Very slowly at a snail’s pace. Icy conditions. Snowy conditions. Tree down covering both lanes so had to go in one of the ongoing traffic lanes to get around. Obstacle one. Check. Crawling down the road. Road closed. Drove in a big circle. Finally, off detour. Check. Pulled in driveway a hour and a half later (usually a 12 minute drive). Whew! Relief flooded through me. What a way to end a crazy week!

Thank you TWT for this amazing community of writers!


3 thoughts on “Crazy, Crazy Day!

  1. I do not miss the winters of which you write! We moved from Virginia to Washington state and while the winter brings gray and rain, it also (surprisingly!) brings plenty of sun, even if the temperatures stay around 40. Good luck getting to Spring!

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