My Wednesday Morning

Slept in until 8 (Snow Day)

Toasted up some Eggos (Belgian Waffle style)

Sipped French Vanilla coffee

Watched snow come down varying in speeds from the gray, gloomy sky

Entered report card grades

Started the grueling process of report card comment writing

Texted in between with my best friend to keep me somewhat sane

Glanced up at TV occasionally during weather reports

It’s just noon and feel accomplished! I struggle always with report card comments. They take the longest always. Want them to sound just right! Some deep breaths and down time then back to the cumbersome report card writing. Today is a much needed Snow Day!!!❄️❄️❄️

Thank you TWT for this amazing community of writers!


3 thoughts on “My Wednesday Morning

  1. Wow you’ve had a productive snow day! I have not accomplished as much…I’ve been distracting myself from writing the rest of my report card comments. I, too, want them to sound just right, and here I am reading other Slices and trying to write my own – when I should be writing report card comments.

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