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About a year ago a friend inspired me to try running not only for my physical health, but mental and emotional health too. Me running? That was my first thought. I haven’t been actve for years. Could I really run without collapsing?

For about 9 years I was unable to be active because of health issues. We even stopped vacationing because it was not enjoyable because we couldn’t explore and have fun like we should on a vacation. My health was slowly starting to turn around after going through years of countless procedures, tests, and major surgeries. However, my journey continues with the aftermath of my health issues. I needed something to help me release stress and emotions. Why not give running a try? It really worked for my friend. So a year ago I tried an app called “Couch to 5 K”. I thought it was a fantastic concept to try to get me slowly into running. Well, one sunny morning last spring I tried it. It didn’t go well. I lasted maybe 10 minutes. I was huffing and puffing. Thought I was going to pass out. I just came home. That night I went to stand up and pain just threw me back into my chair. That was the end of running, I physically was unable to run, but I did not give up. Instead of running, I walked just to get outside and moving. Being outside in nature with ear plugs listening to music was just what I needed to help me clear my head.

It has been 8 months since my last surgery and yesterday morning I thought..time to try running again. I have been doing yoga which has been a positive experience for me. Now I wanted to try to get back outside with nature. I pressed “Start” on my app (Couch to 5 K) and was off. Could I do it?

YES!!!!!! I DID IT! I got through Day 1. A sense of accomplishment swept over me. I smiled ear to ear the rest of the day. Over the years I have learned NEVER GIVE UP!


5 thoughts on “Determination

  1. Amanda Regan says:

    Thank you for sharing! Your post is inspiring. I feel the same way about running, but maybe it’s time to give it another try. Congratulations on your accomplishment!


  2. lynnedorfman says:

    You are such an incredible human being, Shelly. I am so honored to have you as both colleague and friend. You are kind, corageous, and committed to your goals. Your students know you care about them. Thanks for sharing this piece.


  3. Wow! This is really inspirational! I am going to get that app. I cannot run – literally because of stage 4 arthritis in both of my knees, but I love walking and being active tells arthritis where to go. Thanks for posting this amazing post!


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