Hungry Pug

slice of life

A poem about Ginger when I get home from work.

Tail wagging,

Pug spinning,

Dog jumping,

Paws pawing at my legs,

Mouth watering,

Excitement building,

It’s dinner time!



4 thoughts on “Hungry Pug

  1. Such a great picture of dinnertime with Ginger. A fun poem – a small moment in time. My Corgis don’t have tails to wag, but they do a lot of barking. I like the two-word format and am going to try to use it tomorrow. Hard to believe it is the last day. We made it!

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  2. rosecappelli says:

    Great poem, Shelley! You caught the moment perfectly. Your poem reminds me of the format for “Signs” by John Frank from the book A Chill in the Air. You should try it with your kids!

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