Crazy Weather



Can’t figure out this crazy weather?!?!?

One day I’m outside in short sleeves since it’s in the 70s
Then next day I’m in a winter coat and it’s in the 30s

One minute it’s warm
The next day it snows

Outside washing cars
Then outside clearing off snow off cars

Kids out for recess without coats
Then next thing you know recess inside because of low temperatures

I finally get rid of my allergy/sinus issues
Then they come back again with the constant temperature changes




4 thoughts on “Crazy Weather

  1. It has been a crazy weather time. We had winds in town, the high school and the middle school lost power. Our elementary school was well lit. When I got home there were 2 very large limbs in front of the garage standing up and another large branch on the front staircase. Who knows what next week will bring…. 20 degrees or 60 degrees?

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  2. I agree! The weather in February has been completely insane! I know exactly what you are talking about, and love the back-and-forth rhythm in your piece.

    The flowers and the birds are confused, too! Yesterday was freezing and today is not much better! I think it feels colder because of all those springy days! It is hard to believe the time changes next weekend. Spring will soon arrive!

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