Ginger’s Moment


Dogs have those “moments” too!

We got home and the first thing I always do is let Ginger out of her pen.

I open her crate and go to walk out the door. I realize I don’t have 4 paws following behind me or a dog darting out to the living room enjoying her freedom.

Ginger doesn’t realize I opened her crate. Doesn’t realize she is free again. I say “Come on” “Come on, Ginger!” She just stares at me.


I go up to her crate and she still doesn’t come out. Excited to have me come over to her. She puts her front paws on the crate and licks my hands through the crate.

I show Ginger with my foot she can be free. Then…


There is the Ginger I know!

Senior moment? Foggy brain for a moment? Groggy from just waking up?



5 thoughts on “Ginger’s Moment

  1. I enjoyed reading this story. I think my dogs sometimes have senior moments, too! I love your final thought – “There’s the Ginger I know!” You have reminded me that I do have some dog stories to share on Slice. Thanks, Shelly!

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  2. Lucy has free range of the house when I am away, but U put a gate across the front door so she doesn’t escape as I enter. Most days she’s right there when as I open the door. Every once in a while she’d not. I worry for a moment, then I hear her running from my bedroom where she was probably very cozy.

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  3. Our dog is the same. We get home from school and he’ll just lay there, completely unaware of our existence. We’ll walk around him. Call him. Jingle his leash. When he does finally come to you’d think the sky was falling! He goes nuts just like he used to do right when we’d walk in the door. The delayed reaction is always hilarious but also telling of his age. He’s a good ol’ dog but the ol’ is starting to take over.

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