Missing A Lot Today

As I sip my coffee from a mug I received from one of my students, I think about how much I miss my students. Their smiles. Their laughs. Their eagerness to learn. The excitement and pride on their faces when they have used a strategy they learned in the book they are making. Their pride when they are able to decode a word. The excitement when they find a sight word in their reading. The joy and pride of counting to 100 for the first time. Their love for school. I miss teaching my kindergarteners. I miss watching them grow as readers, writers, scientists, and mathematicians.

I received this email of appreciation back from a parent after sending some enrichment activities students could do at home. It reassured me that I can help my students from afar. I love my students and teaching. I hope to inspire them. I long for the day we can be together again.

#SOL20 is my fifth year participating! I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to connect with incredible writers! This community brings me so much joy and inspiration! Thank you TWT for this amazing community of writers!


3 thoughts on “Missing A Lot Today

  1. As hard as it is for us to be away from our students I can’t imagine how hard it must also be for the students, especially the younger ones who might not have a full grasp on what is happening. It is nice to know that parents appreciate the effort and work you put into providing guidance for their children.

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