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I read the book, Why?, by Richard Torrey today. My Kindergarteners wrote their own questions in their writer’s notebook. I, of course, did the same. Here were some of my questions: “Why does everything always happen at once? What will be for dinner tonight? Will these warm days continue? Why do bad things happen to good people?”

It is always interesting what questions the students will ask. Here were some of my favorites:

“Why did the leprechaun come to my house?”

“Why does my brother get to go to the park?”

“Why do people wear shoes?”

“Why do we have to brush our teeth?”

“Why do we need water?”

“Why do I have to take a bath? I don’t stink!”

“Why can’t I pick up my little sister?”

I had to take a picture of one of the writer’s notebooks because it was so good! Plus, she was so excited to show me. :o)


Why is the earth round? Why is the sun yellow? Why is the sky blue? There is so much questions. Why can’t you touch the stars? Why is a rainbow colorful? Why does the first letter of a sentence need to be capital? Why is a playground for kids to play with?



8 thoughts on “Questions

  1. Oh, Shelly, this is so good! I love the kindergartner’s question about starting sentences with a capital letter. Also, what a lot of writing? It’s great to see them jump in with such enthusiasm! Love your mentor text, too!

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