Looked out the window in anticipation
How much snow did we get?
Will it be the first major snow since being in our new house?
Will Matt be able to enjoy using his new snow blower for more than just a few inches?
Will Ginger get buried?
Disappointment sets in.
More ice than snow.
Nothing significant.
Barely up to my tires.


Weather people wrong once again.
Nonetheless….a snow day!


4 thoughts on “Blizzard?

  1. I think we would have rather have had just snow! The dogs hate the freezing rain and sleet, and it is going to be impossible to shovel!

    Still, enjoy the snow day, Shelly! I am planning to catch up, water plants, read, write, and organize for the March 18 PAWLPday!

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  2. Snow would have been better than this icy mix. I worry about my husband insisting on using the snowblower. It appears to be working though. My son, who is shoveling his own walk and driveway, said it was “Like moving cement!” Enjoy your snow day, Shelly.

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