A Beautiful Day to Write Outside

slice of life

It is such a beautiful, warm day here today! We took our writer’s notebooks outside to write today. I got amazing results from my Kindergarten writers for the first time we went outside to write! First, I want to share what I wrote today in my writer’s notebook…

Breeze blowing gently through my hair

American Flag waving

Bright, yellow sun shining down on me

Writers jotting down their thoughts and observations

Sky as blue as the ocean

Not a cloud in sight

Birds cheerfully chirping

Brakes squealing


Oh, how I love the sights and sounds of the outdoors on a beautiful March day!

Here are some samples from my Kindergarten writers:

writing outside1 030916

I can feel the wind. It is a sunny day. The grass is tickling me. I can see the bright sky. I can see some trees. I can see cars.

writing outside2 030916

I can smell the skinny grass. I can see the mud and grass. I can feel the stick is as rough as a rock.


writing outside 030916

It is a very sunny day. The breeze is blowing on me. It is sunny. It is hot on me. It is a sunny day. Can the sun be that hot? The flowers are so pretty. They are shiny and pretty.

writing outside3 030916

tree, sky, car, grass, trash can


6 thoughts on “A Beautiful Day to Write Outside

  1. lynnedorfman says:

    This is fabulous, Shelly! You are part of your writing community. I think that is at least one of the reasons you get so much out of your kids. Love the variety of samples you shared. Thank you!


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